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Welcome to book your Padel time here! If you are staying at Malee Highlands and book the Court the price per hour is 880 THB. For others the price is 1080 THB/hour. Most common playtime is 90 minutes. You have to book minimum 60 minutes so click on TWO or more buttons.

We have Rackets for Rental and sale for all kind of players. You can buy balls, clothes and other accessories at The Arena Bar or at our Padelshop

Join Highlands Padel at FACEBOOK to find players and keep you up to dates with upcoming events.

The person who makes the booking is the one who make the payment to the bar staff before entering the court. If you want to cancel the booking please do it at least SIX hours before.

Booking of the court and then repeatedly cancel bookings is NOT a good manner to other players or to Highlands Padel. Please be polite and ONLY book the court when you know you can play.

Opening hours
Monday-Sunday 08:00 to 21:30


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