Jesper Bogren

Jesper Bogren

We’re honored to welcome Mr Jesper Bogren as the master chef of Malee Highlands’ Bistro and Fine Dining!

Jesper Bogren is well known in Sweden after receiving a gold medal in both the Swedish and the World Championship back in 2007. Followed by other sought-after achievements in the culinary sphere as; a gold medal in the in the Olympic Game as a part of the Swedish National Team 2010 and a spot in the finals in the annual competition Chef of the Year 2013, 2014 and 2016 among other awards.

Together with his wife, Sanna and their seven-year-old Son Oliver, they gladly accepted the invitation to settle down on Lanta, since the family love Thailand! To refine the concept of the just recently opened Bistro and later this summer, to initialize the concept start of the Fine Dining at Malee Highlands, is exactly the challenges Jesper is looking for.
- The Highlands area with its location and view itself offers such an extreme potential to create something really unique on Lanta, says Jesper.

His interest of cooking and creating exciting recipes, has followed him since early years and he cannot think of a better way to perfect and cultivate what can be done with western cuisine, this time mixed with Asian flavors experimenting with traditional and new techniques.
- It’s always the most rewarding to be a part of the creating process from the beginning and hopefully we’ll put the Highlands’ two restaurants on Lanta’s culinary map as an exciting choice for tourist, owners and visitors very soon, says Jesper that loves to be close to the guests while cooking.

The menus at the Bistro and the Fine Dining
The Bistro menu should reach out for a wide audience. Snack food, Thai dishes, burgers etcetera. Small dishes easy to fit well with the beer or a drink, like Nordic tapas with an Asian touch. For the kids there will be several popular dishes that can be served even up at the Fine Dining that is open for dinner.

Fine Dining leads many to think about starred and acclaimed restaurants in the big cities. We will do our own interpretation of fine dining as far as quality goes where the best handpicked ingredients of the day are used. Our ambition is taken to a higher level for our guests when enjoying the meal whilst imbibe the atmosphere some steps up from the Bistro – literally speaking! A set menu will be presented differently during the week with your choice of fish, meet or vegetarian for both starter as well as main course.

An ordinary day at Malee Highlands

Start off the day with an hour at the gym and end up in one of the pools nearby the Bistro or the spa area. May we recommend a fresh Bowl for lunch.

Something to drink before dinner? Why not have that in the Bistro Bar observing the cinematic sunset that Lanta is so well known for. The Fine Dining opens up at sunset so taking the staircase to the top floor with even better view, is like the dessert of the evening before the starter even is served. Enjoy the fine tastes of what’s been prepared in the kitchen and spend the rest of the evening at our comfortable chill area on the same floor and get amazed by the starry sky. This is an ordinary day at Malee Highland!

Welcome to Malee Highlands Bistro & Fine Dining – tasteful in all aspects!

Cook of the Year Final 2013

Prins Carl Philip och Prinsessan Sofias Stiftelse