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Malee Highlands Dining

The Bistro and the Infinity-pool has an incredible view and both can be used by owners and residents in the area. Both amenities can be enjoyed by outside visitors throughout the day of the service offered if not full.

The restaurant is on two levels, the ground floor (Highlands Bistro) is equipped with a big screen TV where plan to screen events like sports, Eurovision Song Contest, Idol, or other social and entertaining broadcasts. Maybe it will be a movie for the kids with popcorn at 6 o’clock and then a drink combined with a subsequent 9 o’clock cinema for those a little older.

On the upper level (Highlands Fine Dining) you can sit in the lounge area to enjoy a drink with snacks at sunset followed up by a candlelight dinner with white tablecloths, lit by the stars. The different levels makes it possible to meet the various needs of our guests where most will find their needs met. Book a table and enjoy the food in a Magic Place with a fantastic view.

New Starchef to Malee Highlands

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